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Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love

By: Philip T Sudo
Length: 208 pages
Release date: 01/18/2005
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love

Zen philosophy tells us that the great truth of the universe applies to all things at all times. Every moment of life, from guitar playing to working at the computer, to making love, offers a chance for Zen realization. Just awaken to that truth, Zen masters say; how and where do not matter. Sex offers the same opportunity for enlightenment as anything else. Zen Sex guides readers to the realization of that opportunity with "The Ten Stages of Zen Sex" and "The Six Principles in the Way of Making Love." Philip Sudo reminds our sex-obsessed age that not only is sex a fundamentally spiritual endeavour, it is indeed sacred.

This elegant, gorgeous book will appeal not only to Zen practitioners, but to any one looking for enlightenment and spirituality in all aspects of life.

Great gift potential.

Good for the sex book audience, Zen practitioners and readers looking for meaningful sex.

While there are quite a few books that deal with spirituality and sex from the Tantric and Taoist tradition, no other book has brought together Zen and sex.

Easy-to-do practices help readers learn and experience Zen sex.


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