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Your Money or Your Life

By: Neil Cavuto
Length: 288 pages
Release date: 10/03/2006
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of Your Money or Your Life

As the host of the Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto on Business, Neil Cavuto regularly sits down with today’s most influential newsmakers, from CEOs to politicians, for in-depth, searching interviews that get behind the story to the men and women who made it. He also famously ends each show with a personal, often emotional, commentary that is inspiring and incisive by turns. Now, Cavuto puts these insights to paper, in a collection of essays on topics that range from family to business to civility in public life-some based on his popular end-of-show commentaries, and many others published here for the first time.

Among the essays:
Why Do We Tolerate Awful People-on civility in our everyday affairs
Small Girl, Big Heart-on an eight-year-old cancer victim who touched his heart
The Summer of 2001-on remembering what America was like before 9/11
It’s About Living, Stupid!-on why elections aren’t won on the economy, but on how people live

Neil Cavuto’s first book, More Than Money, was a smash success, propelled to a five-week stay on the New York Times bestseller list by Cavuto’s broad and lasting popularity on the Fox News Channel. This second offering of inspiring, provocative essays-sure to be promoted just as widely as the first book-is certain to be another great success.


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