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The Other Hand Clapping

By: Marco Vassi
Length: 151 pages
Release date: 08/26/2014
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of The Other Hand Clapping

“Larry felt something he hadn't experienced for years—the sharp clutch of jealousy twisting his stomach. In all the years they’d been together, he’d never doubted Eleanor’s fidelity in the slightest.”
In this striking, startling novel, Vassi turns his talent to a tale that blends Zen and jealous passion into a suspenseful, erotically charged thriller. For Larry, he wonders if the evidence of his wife’s supposed infidelity is real, or a hallucination produced by his own meditations . . . and inner fears. It all builds to a shattering climax that reexamines the idea of life, death, and sex.


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