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Media Relations: Issues and Strategies

By: Jane Johnston
Length: 388 pages
Release date: 01/01/2013
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of Media Relations: Issues and Strategies

Media relations is one of the most tangible and visible areas of public relations practice. It requires specialised skills, expertise about the media and its practices, and an understanding of current affairs and issues. It uses the practical tools of the media release, media conference and media kits, combined with management skills of advising about best practice within an organisation, and it is based on open relationships with journalists and other media professionals.

Media Relations provides a practical and thorough introduction to working with the media. Jane Johnston explains how to approach media organisations, explaining practices and ideas-both tried and tested as well as new and innovative-and examines how you can best assist an organisation, group or individual to deal effectively with the media.

Media Relations presents a range of examples, case studies, illustrations and templates, and balances these with a solid foundation of theory, media background and culture. It drills down into the different types of media, analysing their applications, strengths and weaknesses, and shows you how to target your message to the right media outlets, whether national television, community radio, celebrity magazines or an influential blog.

Successful media relations is about clever, creative communication and respectful, professional relationships based on sound, ethical practice. Media Relations shows you how to develop essential skills in working with the media.


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