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Hornito: My Lie Life

By: Mike Albo
Length: 256 pages
Release date: 09/04/2001
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of Hornito: My Lie Life

Take David Sedaris, Sandra Bernhard, and Christopher Buckley and roll them into one fiercely hilarious human being. Then add a dash more subversive humor and outrageous irony and you might begin to find the stinging understanding of life of Mike Albo in his debut novel Hornito. Juxtaposing a trip to his childhood home where he has retreated to make sense of his hectic life in New York City with memories of growing up gay in '70s suburbia, Albo created the character "Mike Albo," whose memories from a fictitious life are outrageously, hilariously, embarrassingly real.

Filled with the typical suburban childhood predicaments of bullies, rollerskates, satin shorts, and Solid Gold dancers, Albo evokes a poignant, nostalgic past that riffs terrifically with his vibrant, energetic—and perpetual—search for love in the present. By turns vulnerable and jaded, flamboyant and obsessive, Albo brings his own unique, witty, and touching take on being young, single, and gay in today's culture.


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