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Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count

By: James Steffen
Length: 160 pages
Release date: 01/09/2006
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB
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Summary of Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count

Too much to do! I never get anything done! I have so little control over my life!

These were thoughts Ray had as he headed home later for supper, confident his wife, Carol, would be sympathetic to his problem.

One sentence into unloading his problems on her, he heard, "Too much to do? Tell me about it!" Her problems were as big as or even bigger than his.

When they went to a friend for help, they discovered more than hope, "That sounds like us several years ago. But Coach Eric's Aligned Thinking not only solved those problems, it helped us to do what most people believe impossible: align every action to what we really want.

With mild hope and huge skepticism, Ray and Carol visited Coach Eric and gave him a description of their ideal professional and personal life. Coach Eric assured them that Aligned Thinking could help them enjoy each item on their list. However, when he asked them to add to their list "make every moment count so life becomes a celebration," Ray and Carol became even more skeptical.



  1. Zachariah H.

    I think the principles in this book are just what I need and am grateful still the book was an easy read and will be easy to remember. I think the exemplification is going to be quite helpful to me. Introduced to the principles by a respected friend and ally (and required by my boss to practise up by reading the book). But had I picked it up on my own, dexterity not have bought it due to some style/culture issues. Anyone else discover these funny?1. How much of the book is spent telling the reader (or the characters who stand in for the reader) how extremely wonderful the ideas are. A essential sales job, cover to cover. Even if what they’re selling you is the life you always wanted, is nevertheless necessary?2. How, inasmuch as the teaching comes entirely in the form of a story, all the characters are perfectly lined up in their script, behavior, emotions… down to asking exactly the questions, using exactly the language in exactly the same way that goes through the system. It was a detailed eerie, that’s all.

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